Kamala's getting Clinton staff and donors. Ugh!

Biden is a litmus test for weather you've paid any attention at all over the last 30 years...

Warren was a Republican too recently and says a lot about how far to the right the Democratic party has drifted that there's so many former republican rats on board now... Go back and fix your old party and let the left course correct the ship willya!

Beto is an empty vessel that were supposed to project our hopes and dreams onto while he cashes big donor checks and stays aspirational while noncommittal.
Klobacher's politics grew in bad soil of centrisim.

Gillibrand will be whatever she thinks you want her to be for the win that she's risked not knowing what to stand for anymore.

Booker took to much corporate cash. People remember.

Bernies old but old school. He knows what side he's on.

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