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Now that was an inspired post Greger.

Bernies plan sounds wonderful but who is going to pay for it? Will taxpayers agree to have their taxes raised hugely--to borrow a word? Or will there simply be more US debt issued that someone will willingly snap up?

And don’t tell me about the military budget being eviscerated. That simply will not happen. From what I have read of your posts over the years Greger we both seem to agree about the concept of what is politically possible, and what is simply not.

Bring it on Chunky! Am I being too weak?

It's not even that. I'd love to see Bernie get elected but it is a mathematical impossibility because, just like in 2016, Bernie Sanders is going to run the Indy 500 WITH THE GODDAMN PARKING BRAKE ON...


And guess what the Democratic Party will do? (and they will do it legally this time)
They'll dry up any and all money for him, because he is not a Democrat.
And they'll shut him out of debates, because he is not a Democrat.
And so on and so on and so on and so on.
Because he is not a Democrat.

And yet somehow, in ways that NOBODY has managed to explain, either last time or this time, or the next time, somehow...Bernie is supposed to magically be able to overcome this handicap AND campaign AND get the same media exposure AND get party support AND up and downstream funding, and get a fair shot on the ballot in all fifty states.

Legal? Did I say legal? I meant "as legal as it's ever going to be"...all up in here.

And in this magical Bernie world, Lucy also doesn't yank the football away at the last second.
And we all get whirled peas, too.

It's like that scene in "Downfall" where the Fuhrer is moving army divisions around on the map but those army divisions don't exist anymore. Bernie is making another fundamental lapse in judgment.

Are we really going to do a repeat of 2016?
Sell me on why we're not. Sell me on why he can win as an auslander, as an independent outside of the two major parties.
Sell me on this magical rainbow farting unicorn idea, please.
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