My wife actually watched Bernie on CNN yesterday. She said somebody asked him why he has not actually joined the Democratic part. His response, she said, was somewhat confused but boiled down to the fact that he ran and won as an independent in his state so he couldn't possible become a Democrat. She went on to say that he claimed he was a Democrat in all but name.

So, if he actually won he would also be an almost Democrat and 80 year old who seems a bit confused as to exactly who, or what, he is. Seems a bit sketchy to me. At least, if Biden ran and won he wouldn't be confused about who and what he is (I like biden a LOT more - except for the 80 year old thing) In either case who is vice president becomes a LOT more important as well.

As far as what the Dems will do. Basically, not a damn thing. They got so beat up last time for not 'fully' supporting the guy who wasn't a Democrat, without, incidentally, telling anybody, that I fear they just won't have the gumption which somehow doesn't really surprise me.

Of course, in the fullness of time, all will become apparent. <G>