Y'know...I just happen to be a card carrying Independent and you're right about that.
I love Uncle Joe as much as anybody but he never once showed me that he had what it took to be president.
The Democratic sea of candidates is wide but it's shallow.
All of the candidates support some of Bernie's policies.
One of them supports them all.
One of the big hurdles candidates face is name recognition. Everybody knew Trumps name. He had been in their living rooms countless times firing poor hapless individuals who failed to be the ideal lickspittle. Everybody knows Bernie.

jgw, I think there is little doubt that, as a democrat, you are a bit on the conservative side. So if Biden and Bernie are the top contenders and Bernie ultimately wins...

Do you vote blue no matter who? And pull the lever for Bernie?

Or do you vote for Le Barristo Grande Howard Shultz? The centrist billionaire who will only run if the socialist Bernie Sanders wins the nomination.

These are truly exciting times we live in!

Can Democrats find and entirely new way to shoot themselves in the feet? Or will they stick to the tried and true? Stay tuned folks and you'll find out!

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