I've never been much of a Bernie fan. Love his policies...but have doubts about his executive abilities. He remains my pick to win for now because the rest of the field is boring beyond words. How he would actually perform as president worries me a bit.

I like Hillary Clinton. I wish it was possible for her to run again and beat Trump. But that ship has sailed and there aint nobody standing on shore who I consider to be qualified for the job and able to defeat Trump.

In fact, I suspect the 2016 election spelled the end of civilization as we know it, there may be a slight chance of redemption with a democratic sweep in 2020 but I'm not counting on it.

Whoever creates the most excitement will get the nomination. Bernie stirs things up wherever he goes.

I'm gonna ignore Bernie's age for now and treat him like a regular human being. Albeit one whom I'd rather was younger...

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