I consider this kind of stuff an effort to not regulate. Most of our problems stem from the fact that gov no longer seems to have the capacity to regulate. Dealing with Amazon, Google and Facebook with breaking them up really means 1)gov won't regulate them, 2)gov can't regulate them, or 3)hurt them enough and maybe they will clean themselves up thereby relieving gov of that duty.

Take Amazon. This one really amazes me. Say you want to sell stuff on Amazon so you setup an account to do just that. You get really successful and suddenly Amazon is selling everything that you are selling at a better price! It is my understanding that this is, exactly, what Amazon does. Warren says she wants to do this for them little people. Baloney. What needs to be done is to stop Amazon from ripping off their sellers! (seems too simple to me)

Then there is Facebook. If you breakup Facebook it will just go away. It needs what it has to survive.

I am not really sure how one would breakup Google. It does do different things but I suspect they are all, in the end, related and interdependent. (probably wrong about this one too)

What I am saying is that if many folks, or gov, feel that any company is doing bad things then regulate them in an effort to stop the offensive stuff. If that doesn't work then either break them up or shut them down but try the regulations first. The trick, I suspect is to legislate this stuff instead of doing it all by presidential fiat.

Presidential fiat came into its own during the Obama time. The reason is that he couldn't get any legislation passed due to Republican intransigence (which they announced, on TV, when he got elected). Now the jackass administration sees this a the way to go - even if it does seem to be kinda neat to get around congress.