On that "presidential fiat" thingie. Obama was just selective about priorities. For example, Congress passed laws saying deport all these people, but then only gave him enough money to deport 1/10th of them. Obama chose to concentrate on the criminals and leave the Dreamers alone. Makes perfect sense. It's up to the President to execute the laws. He was just trying to do the best he could.

Trump wants to take money the Congress has already allocated for other stuff for his wall, when the Congress said "no wall money". That's WAY WAY more of a power grab.

Also, re Amazon: Supermarkets have been offering their own inexpensive store brands for years, or maybe decades. That's what Amazon is doing. Nobody makes people buy the Amazon brand. Wanting to break up the Amazon/Whole Foods acquisition has nothing to do with anti-trust. It's just attacking a company because it's successful. Why not attack WalMart? Why not Big Pharma?