Republicans have long alleged that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declined to oppose the deal because of contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

I am not so much concerned about perjury, as that would have come to light eventually, as I am about this nonsensical statement of idiot-ological article of faith.

First she was not directly involved and evidence at the time suggested she was unaware of the negotiations (if I recollect correctly ... yes I know, she did not have to publicly be seen involved and could have secretly in her best conspiratorial way made it known to each agency to sign off because her Foundation made off with large donations).

Second and more importantly, if they believe that contention, then they have to believe that every agency involved in signing off also was either involved in the same conspiracy or the whole energy segment of the Obama administration was involved in similar conspiracies with the Russians.

I am sorry but I have to call out Rep Jordan. He suffers from a major case of paranoia and needs help immediately.
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