Texans don't love Trump much

I live in Texas in the heart of Trump country.

I don't know very many anti-Trumpites but do know oodles of MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters. All are ignorant. All are bigots. All love Trump.

I haven't read any after election reports but suspect when I do, they will say Democrats turned out more voters to make it close. I am not sure what that means.

Beto wants to tear down the existing walls.

More precisely in El Paso. His reasoning is the current wall defeats the strategy of making the two communities one because of the economic symbiosis between them. or Mr Trump is for a wall ... simply a metaphor for his bigotry ... and Beto is against a wall ... his metaphor for building communities with respect

What I do know is if the candidate is lackluster in presentation there will be a lackluster voter turnout. It's not enough to be against Mr Trump, although that should be enough, a solid charismatic candidate will seal the deal. Mr Trump said Beto's hands blah blah ... I love debating 13 year old bullys ... typically they are stupid and never realize it ... entangle him in policy, people will see Mr Trump is unqualified, but do it with fire
ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty
Get off the crazy train!!! ... dump Trump