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Ever since Reagan Iíve had a large piece of mind that understands that an effective leader is, first and foremost, a top salesperson. Running for president is more like a beauty contest or a prize fight than it is a reasoned assessment of competence to manage the government.

That's why I love politics so much. A horse race, a beauty contest, a prize fight, wrestling pigs in the mud! All rolled into one giant extravaganza! Peanuts! Peanuts! Gitcha peanuts!

Trump sees the truth of it. It's all entertainment and your ratings with your viewing audience are all that counts. What we are watching now is a twisted nightmarish Hunger Games style reality show.
Real people are dying and the fans are cheering it on!

And all we really want is someone who can competently manage government and put forth a reasonable agenda that benefits the whole country and by extension the world and all of mankind...

Any one of the Democratic candidates would do a fine job as president.
It's gonna be tough putting government back together back together because Trump has simply not bothered to fill empty positions, entire departments go without leadership or workforce. Internal government infrastructure is collapsing brick by brick because Trump just can't be bothered. He's busy looking at porn on his goddam phone and has no time for it.
Normally a president would steer the ship of state to the right or left, Trump sawed off the rudder and went to bugger the cabin boy.

Yeah...any Democrat. But watching the race will be fun. I've picked my horse on beauty and performance in a previous race, but I've still got a small bet on Bernie.
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