This is a slightly different rant which deals with debt,VA, etc.

I am finding it all stranger and stranger. Just went to a local Home Show. Went by the Veterans of America booth. I asked them if they were aware of the current administration's efforts to either privatize, or destroy (maybe both), the Veteran's Administration. One guy was clueless and the other was a Trumpite. The trumpite said I had no idea what I was talking about. I then asked him if he knew (he looked old) that the administration was taking 10 billion out of the Medicare trust until they broke it (Medicare will be done in 7 years). He said that was a damn lie and Obamacare tookm 100 billion out of Medicare! (if that happened Medicare would not even exist today).

So, 2 veterans. One was clueless and one was snowballed and seriously ignorant. There is no doubt about Medicare and the VA. Its well documented, and the Medicare thing is in the current budget (to pay for the so called "tax cut"). The VA has not been allowed to hire replacement staff and the current staff it working itself to death. The so-called 'choice' plan is a fiscal, and very real disaster.

There, now for the serious stuff - The National Debt. The current administration has been adding 1 TRILLION dollars a year to the national debt. So far, this year, its something in excess of 300 billion and slated to make a trillion before the end of the fiscal year. This means that we will have a national debt of something like 23 trillion plus. What this means, basically, is our debt is now higher than our GNP. This means our credit is at risk and that interest will be increased or nobody will buy bonds on our debt. It also means, basically, that anybody relying on the government to provide services are going to be disappointed as any money we might have will go to paying the interest on our debt.

There are some indications that the current administration will, eventually default on our debt (just not pay our debt). Our dear leader Trump has claimed to be the master of debt. That was interesting as there is now evidence that they way he handled debt was to simply not pay his bills. Its also a simple fact that everytime a Republican has left the presidency it was up to the Democrats to clean up their mess. Its time, I think, that our elected start to get serious about the insanities they are taking part in. We are fighting permanent wars (Afghanistan costs around 45 billion a year). Our current deficts are due, in large part due to the "tax cut" (for the very wealthy). When the Dear Leader leaves he will also leave a mess bigger, and worse, than anything anybody has concieved previously. If, for instance, we default then nobody will trade with us. We have already lost trust the rest of the world might have in us (defined by the simple fact that the rest of the world refused to let us see the black boxes from the Boeing disaster because we were not trustworthy).

I recently started asking people I meet if they are aware that Medicare will be done in about 8 years and the VA maybe less and that our national debt is now bigger than our Gross National Product. I have found that 3 out of five don't even know the first 2. We have two parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. the Republicans, apparently, are onboard for it all. The Democrats, on the other hand, don't talk about it because, apparently, its a secret. I actually believe that what is going on is the Republican plan to deal with entitlements (get rid of them).

Anyway - just thought I would mention this.