This is yet another whine of mine about democratic responses. This one continues to drive me up a wall. The Dems seem to continue to be above it all. The latest Trump thing is, apparently, not spending money authorized by congress. He was, for instance, allotted money for the wall last year - not spent. The military (in this case the Marines) were alloted money to recover from a hurricane that caused massive damage - not spent. Money was allotted for increasing border security, namely more judges - not spent. Money was allotted for Puerto Rico - not spent. There seems to be a long list of this stuff. I suspect he is not allowing this money to be spent so he can use it for different purposes. Law suits have been promised but do not happen, responses to this and that (southern border is a good example), from the Left are muted.

there may be some quibble with my stuff above but the general trend is true and going on right now. The marine general in charge is even on tv pointing out their problem. Still, the Dems basically remain silent.

As far as I can tell, for instance, only two Democrats have ventured into Fox News space (Buttigieg and the governor of Washington state). I guess the Democratic plan for that is to certainly remain above it all in this case!

Just saying - If the left is going to stand a chance they gotta fight! I know, some are, but its really time for them to, at least, seem to be actually doing it.