I wonder. What would happen if the congress legislated a law which made it illegal for any news source to disseminate a lie regardless of who said it. If said news source did this then they would be fined, say, 10,000.00 per lie. This would mean, for instance, that before any Jackass remarks were disseminated they would first have to be truth checked. This would, admittedly, be a bit uncomfortable for the news agencies and, maybe, slow down the 'breaking' news by maybe 15 minutes. They could actually track such lies and devote a weekly show to such lies.

On the other hand the wholesale lies, fantasies, and all the rest of the of the so-called news (approximately 50% pure bullshit would no longer be inflicted on the obviously deluded and confused public). It would also mean that media would be forced to, perhaps, give us news rather than rampant speculation and baloney currently considered 'news'.

I can hear the media screaming to high heaven about the public's right to the news. I, for one, do not consider lies to be anything but lies and certainly not news.

If we are determined to have a so-called capitalist society then we sure as hell need regulations to deal with the attendant greed therein. (I am not against capitalism but also believe sane regulation to also be needed as part of the whole deal).


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