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I think he will crash it sometime next year.

Trump isn't keeping the economy rolling. The economy is keeping him rolling. It won't take much to upset the applecart. I'd rather see a scary hiccup in the economy than an actual tsunamai of sadness.

This weekend Biden stumped about the fallacy of our so called great economy. If you're in the upper middle class or the one percent, yeah sure, it's great. Everyone else, not so much.

"The stock market is roaring, but you don't feel it.
You got a two trillion dollar tax cut, did you feel it?"

7:44 mark in the video clip

Even libertarian think tanks are noticing the thin veneer that allows Trump to get away with crowing about a roaring economy. They are noticing how paper thin it is and how dangerous it is to crow too much.

Former American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks sounds like a changed man.
Is it possible for libertarianism to show a center left form of compassion?
Arthur Brooks seems to think so.

"The Best of the Leon Russell Festivals" DVD