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It makes me sad, Rick, because I remember Sam and how you got along. You have my deepest sympathy. I want to say, though, how happy I am that Sam got to have you in his life. It's a very special thing.

Thank you for the nice sentiments, NW_P. Sam was a companion. We ate breakfast and dinner together nearly every day for 10 years. He ran errands with me every day when I got home from work. Whenever I was not working, we were always together. The whole reason I got the Escape was so that Sam could ride-around with me. We were like P'nutbutter & Jelly - we were ALWAYS together. He would even go downstairs and do laundry with me. He walked around the laundry room while I put clothes into the washer or dryer or folded clothes. Taking out the trash - yup, Sam was in tow. Grocery store? Sam was in the back of the Escape.

It was that way for 10 years after I inherited when my mom and dad died. My brother didn't want Sam because of Sam's severe epilepsy and the cost of his $200/mo medications and expensive neurology appointments.

Now my life feels so very empty.
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