My wife and I were talking the other day and bemoaning the climate change thing. Then we moved on to the general state of our ecology. After a bit we agreed that, within 50 years, there is going to be terrible problems.

Take immigration, for instance. If you think that we have a problem now, just wait. There is some evidence that much of what we are seeing, right now, is due to an ongoing drought in Latin America. This is happening in the very countries said to be contributing to the current southern border countries. Within the next 50 years what we see now will be considered the proverbial drop in the bucket. Between Climate change and ecological failure, across the board, masses of people are going to be searching for survival worldwide. Its probable that there are not going to be all that many places to actually survive in and, given how we are, right now, killing off most of the insect population whilst poisoning our food supply sources, its unlikely that the United States is going to be one of those survival places. I am suggesting that Americans will be trying to move to countries that were not quite so cavalier with resources. Oh, we are also being told that animals living in oceans are all also now at risk of extinction. I are also being told that humanity, right now, is dumping something like 500 tons of bad into our oceans every freaking day! Yep, in about 50 years its gonna be 'interesting'.

I was thinking about curses and what would happen if they worked. I do know, that in about 50 years, the current generation will be cursed by just about everybody as well. What amazes me is that nobody seems to really give a damn (I know, them crazy environmentalists are talking about it but they are being drowned out by them that don't give a damn). Once it really starts up, we are told, there will be nothing that can stop it.

On the bright side human population is halving itself approximately every 50 years due to fertility loss so there aren't gonna be all that many humans left. (world growth rate has been in minus column since the 1960's) Throw in our obvious dedication to war, and destroying each other, one can only assume that too will reduce humanity on earth.

I just thought I would bring a little entertainment to your world.............