Georgia did it: They signed into law a bill that says any fetus with a heartbeat (about 6 weeks) is a citizen of the state with all rights of every other citizen.

Georgia Just Criminalized Abortion

Women who get abortions will be charged with murder. Men who pay for abortions will be charged with murder for hire. People who help a woman go to another state for an abortion will be charged with accessory to murder. All natural miscarriages will result in murder investigations to see if the woman did something to promote the miscarriage.

On the lighter side, all pregnant prisoners will have to be released from jail. It's illegal to keep a citizen in jail when they have not been charged with a crime, so those fetuses have to be freed. It may be illegal to have sex with a pregnant woman, because of close proximity to the fetus!

It will be interesting to see how many woman decide it's too risky to stay in Georgia, since even if they were not sexually active they could still be raped. It will also be interesting to see how many businesses decide to leave. Georgia is about to become a lot poorer because of Republican overreach.