History has proven that Doomsday villas don't work, JGW.
Cooperate or die.
Socialism puts a premium on cooperation while fascism is about hierarchy.

Not only will there be issues of common defense and procurement of goods but a host of contagions and infections should also appear as sanitation and hygiene are reduced.

It doesn't take a genius to see that already underway. Diseases are on the rise and we are woefully unprepared to deal with them. Preferring capitalism to socialism in our health care doesn't mean a thing to microbiology.

My area of the county is infested with the rural plague, Lyme disease. The Doctors are told not to address it. It goes mostly misdiagnosed and is not a disease for the poor to get better from. They get opium pain killers for the symptoms instead of getting cured and the health industry is happy.

I expect even more similar scenarios to play out in the years ahead as microbes have less choices for hosts to infect they will invariably jump to whats remaining- humans. I believe that's a well understood evolutionary adaption in microbiology.

Good look with that in the absence of public healthcare and a commodification of illness to maximize profit of diseases.

For better or worse, The leader of the center right party said it best: 'were all capitalists now'.

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