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I cannot disagree. This rant is 100% spot-on. Hmm

I love all the handwringing about Barr's wiseass comment to Pelosi, "Did you bring your handcuffs?"
What's the problem? Arrest his fat ass and put him in jail.
Congress doesn't HAVE a jail, you say?
No problem, lock his fat ass in a conference room!
What, you think that pink pudgy Care Bear can pull a jailbreak or something?
Toss in some Adult Depends, taxpayers shouldn't have to have Nancy Pelosi pay someone to scrub his shorts.
The only people pushing the Athenian Straw Man Nonexistent Threat of Slippery Slope Windyfoggery (ASMNSSW) RE DEMOCRACY are people who have a misunderstanding/problem or hatred of democracy. (See AUTHORITARIANS)