I remember a time when you just went to a doctor, or a hospital, they took care of you and then asked about insurance and payments. Now you goto a hospital, for instance, and the first thing is asked is how they are going to get paid. That is the first question out of their mouths.

Healthcare used to have the health of the patient utmost - now its all about the bucks. Well, I am old, so my memory may be defective. In any case it would certainly be nice if the health of the patient was put first. That is certainly not the current situation.

Its interesting. Socially provided healthcare means that if you got a problem you goto the doctor and you get taken care of. Don't matter what the problem is, how much money you got, etc. Its even a little worse than that. Congress, for instance, actually passed a law to make it illegal to goto Canada and get drugs a LOT cheaper than here. The Republicans are against socially provided healthcare because there are no options for coverage (really!) socially provided healthcare has no options because EVERYTHING is covered!

Probably wrong about that too?