O.K., it comes from a lefty rag but the book review of 'A Crises Wasted' and the author, Reed Hunt, showcases what appears to be a very good critique of the democratic party and the surrounding incompetence of president Obama.

I like the fact that the guy, Reed, is a party insider with a front row seat to the fiasco and connects the dots from Obama to Trump.

“In the expression of leadership,” the author concludes, “Roosevelt’s speech resembles Trump’s inaugural address in 2017.”
Article Here

What's been obvious to those that weren't committed to her highness from the jump of her candidacy but has been missed by the party's organization and adherent's, has now been described by one of it's own. Ought to be a good read and I look forward to checking it out of the library.

It may be too little too late but you never know. So far the party has taken a more aggressive and undemocratic tone to any criticism and primary challengers with more progressive platforms are now prohibited from entering the race. It's now more or less having a progressive caucus when you can pry the democratic party from the cold frozen dead hands of neoliberals.

A real shame when compared to recent examples of solid progressive victories thru a mobilized base and a platform run on ideas instead of resumes.

Anywho, just goes to show the fallacy of 'selling out' your traditional base to 'compromise with the other side' and pick up the 'holy grail' of election victories. The middle unicorn.

After selling out your base you run out of things to sell.

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