Several months ago we had a kindofa thing over the word "socialism" and the Democratic party. I was on the side that said that using the word 'socialism' in reference to the Democratic party was flat out stupid. The other side tended to like the term in reference to the Democratic party. The Republicans have made 'socialist" a major part of their quest for victory.

Now its time to pay the piper. The Dems stuck to their guns and the word 'socialism' as part of their description. They are paying the price. I just saw a report on a poll where the question was asked "would you vote for a socialist" - seems that only 40% of the electorate would even vaguely vote for such.

The Republicans are VERY good at picking phrases and words. The Democrats are, obviously, completely blind to the same thing. If they are actually going to win they had better start paying attention because WORDS MATTER! This is a known thing! Still, the Dems don't seem to have a clue. On political betting sites (predictit in this case), generally thought to be better at political speculation than so called experts, 2020 is seen, right now, as a tossup. A tossup!

I know, I pick on the Dems. I do it in the hope that they brighten up, come out of their shell, and join up with the WHOLE electorate. Elizabeth Warren, for instance, refused to go onto Fox news. She gave her reasons but refused. What she accomplished was to tell everybody that she was willing to speak to the Choir ONLY! Somebody like that cannot win against Trump - pure and simple.

I have no idea who is really running the Dems but, as far as I can tell, they seem basically determined to lose the election in 2020. The front runner is Joe Biden. Less than 50% of the electorate will vote for candidates over 70 years old. I like Joe but............

On the plus side I am more often wrong than right, in my speculations, and will have, absolutely no problem being wrong on this one.

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