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Early on it appeared the excitement was on the left. It faded though. Once again Conservatives tell Democrats what words they can and can not use.

And once again we bow down and play by their rules.

They can be nazis, racists, nationalists, white supremicists, adulterers, rapists, and child molesters and it's all good.

But oh good gracious don't ever use that s word....

Hey, Chesney Communications, a studio in Orange County that gave me my very first on air TV job in 1982, did the VERY FIRST ever TV show about the MRI machine, but back then the medical industry was calling it "NMR" for "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance".

Okay? Nuclear did not mean "nuclear power", it meant that the magnetism caused the nuclei of human cells to RESONATE, thus "nuclear" magnetic resonance imaging, or NMR or NMRI.
The world's first NMR was installed at the AMC Cancer Center in Denver CO.

Within a MONTH the industry changed the name to Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, because patients WOULD NOT CLIMB INTO a machine that they THOUGHT was "nuclear".

I hope that you understand the analogy I am making here.
I know that we had to reshoot the entire program, with Bob Chesney snorting and fuming the entire time when he wasn't on camera.

His gut told him the whole time that the original name was a sure loser with the public, and he charged AMC double for the reshoot because they insisted on sticking WITH NMR until they experienced a disastrous PR debacle and had to deal with furious no-nukers who were convinced that the cancer hospital was bombarding people with nuclear radiation.
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