Someone reads a poll somewhere and everyone starts reflexively cringing like it's 1955.

Just a reality check.

A self declared socialist septuagenarian with little money and no friends among the corporate media went on to nearly unseat the most well heeled and press pre-selected candidate in 2016.
He's also the front runner in the 2018 primary with more small dollar donations and, yep, some polling among the democratic candidates.

Jeremy Corbin won a stunning victory for labor during Theresa May's snap election in the U.K. after the opposition leaked the 'Labor Manifesto' to the public thru their conservative broadsheets. A very big miscalculation as it allowed people to read the contents of the manifesto with it's socialist proposals and helped the Labor party have the largest pick up of house seats since WW2. The polls and pundits were calling it for conservatives as the manifesto was being published in the run up to elections.

As I see it, it's the libs and neolibs have been primarily responsible for killing any progressive democratic movement in this country since Reagan. More than the far right, it's been these party bosses that routinely killed progressive proposals in the cradle thru the primary system. As they continue to do in this election.

Fun Fact. the ideas being promoted by DSA are very popular with voters. So why aren't they allowed to run in the primaries against an incumbent democrat?

Nawwww.... must be the negative brand recognition of those 40 and up...

Libs and neolibs. Punching left while moving right since 1972.

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