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patients WOULD NOT CLIMB INTO a machine that they THOUGHT was "nuclear".

But they let you shoot them with X-Rays all day long? Which ARE nuclear in the radioactive sense and everybody knows it....

Sorry Jeff, it's just not that great an analogy. As long as you let Republicans control the dialogue you give up more than just a word.

Nope sorry, you ask the average person on the street what they think X-rays are, and they will NOT say that they are "nuclear" and furthermore the first thing out of their mouth will be that they've been told it is safe to get "a certain number of X-rays per year" by their doctors.

Well, doctors did not educate people about the MRI machines, they just rolled them out, and when people saw them, they didn't see anything that LOOKED like an X-ray machine, they saw a claustrophobia inducing HOLE, and then they heard the WORD "nuclear".

And if X-rays were called "X-radiation imaging" you'd get the same fear based response.

Sorry but it was such a "poor analogy" that the medical industry CHANGED the name. I didn't change it, the industry did.
MR vs NMR vs MRI

Gamma and X rays are electromagnetic, and therefore indirectly ionizing radiation.

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