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I think most Democrats are for all those things. I certainly am.

No offense PIA, but that its simply not the case nor the democratic voting record. Some have a fiction of what they want the democratic party to be. A fiction carefully cultivated by the Party itself. The reality is far different. It's their legislative record and not their rhetoric that should be looked at closely.
The latest business black balling threats for any and all campaign shops that help any primary challenger should be setting off alarm bells for those that want to see those goals Gregor listed achieved. The party has made a choice to make itself a club now and eliminate the possibility of electing any more DSA and progressives. It is now a neoliberal club.
I wish it were not the case but the dominant layer of democratic office holders have been using the language of progress but doing very little legislation to achieve that. Avoiding any efforts that may costs capitalism any.
It's the natural outcome of trying to be a handmaid to corporate interests while keeping their coalitions together. Fovors to capitol, lofty oratory for the voters.
The newest cohort are far different. Hence the business black balling to meet that threat.

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