I continue to believe that the important thing is getting rid of UN-indicted Donald, everything else can probably be worked out, THAT is the current task, nothing more, nothing less. Once that is done folks can move on. 2020 is a simple binary election. I am also not against impeachment. I watched Laurence Tribe explain that even if the senate does not convict the house still has a few arrows to do. Take a look: https://www.msnbc.com/am-joy

Executive Privilege is out the window, grand jury secrecy - gone, etc. Even better, if the house gets more bad stuff it can all be listed. If the Republican senate doesn't agree then each one of them have to explain why they are supporting Trump in spite of all the house has listed.

I also notice that, while not mentioned by the Dems, the last tax "cut" favored moving offshore (I may have missed it):

What I am suggesting that when the Republicans do stuff they gotta be called on it, regularly and loudly. One would think that the DNC would have terms and talking points properly labelled and read to go <sigh> The Republicans do this with consistency and it helps them. Often the American insistence that if its "not invented here" its a bad thing. The Democrats seems to have embraced this one with some vigor!

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