To Be Effective, Socialism Must Adapt to 21st Century Needs

Socialism represented a powerful and viable alternative to capitalism from the mid-1800s all the way up to the third quarter of the 20th century, but entered a period of crisis soon thereafter for reasons that continue to be debated today. In your view, what are some of the main political, economic and ideological factors that help explain socialism’s setback in the contemporary era?

Vijay Prashad: The first thing to acknowledge is that “socialism” is not merely a set of ideas or a policy framework or anything like that. Socialism is a political movement, a general way of referring to a situation where the workers gain the upper hand in the class struggle and put in place institutions, policies and social networks that advantage the workers. When the political movement is weak and the workers are on the weaker side of the class struggle, it is impossible to speak confidently of “socialism.” So, we need to study carefully how and why workers — the immense majority of humanity — began to see the reservoirs of their strength get depleted. To my mind, the core issue here is globalization — a set of structural and subjective developments that weakened worker power.


It's more than just a word. And there isn't a word to replace it.
It's the very core of the class struggle. Workers are getting seriously shafted worldwide right now.

Democrats, even "liberal" Democrats and "Progressives" are ashamed to admit that they are on the side of the American worker by using the definitive word that says they are.

The Democratic Party is now wholly owned and operated by the right.

There is a book whose title describes it perfectly..."The Left Hand Of Darkness"

What do you get when you eliminate the very idea of socialism from Democratic Party?

You get Joe motherf**king Biden is what you get. A namby pamby assed old fart who doesn't know if he's for or against women's rights. Or much of anything else. This year's Hillary Clinton. Only worse...Clinton would've been a good president.
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