Sorry, "Socialism" is well defined. You can mess with this and that but Socialism continues to mean that gov OWNS ALL MEANS OF PRODUCTION. Not a little bit, not just workers, ALL MEANS OF PRODUCTION. Its actually been tried several times and it has failed several times. Government is good at running some 'socially' oriented undertakings for the 'social' good. These are things that are in the interest of the nation and make sense. These are things like Police departments, Fire Departments, Public Schools, Mental Health, and physical health. These are things that involve the betterment of everybody. Taking over other stuff, like breweries, clothes production, shoe production, etc. better serve the public when under private stewardship.

Stuff that falls under the social good also needs to be watched like a hawk. Government itself needs to be watched like a hawk and social endeavors even more so. We all know this. If they are not then these things start to fail. We are, right now, going through a complete overhaul of our system of police. There was a southern state, forget which one, actually decided to take Fire Departments to a libertarian extreme. If you needed fire services you signed up and payed a subscription for the fire department to come and save your house. The problem is that if you were not subscribed you had nobody to put out the fire. The additional problem is that homes near the unsubscribed fire also burned down because the first fire was ignored. It, in other words, just didn't work. We used to have functioning orphanages. I used to know folks who were raised in them and they all said it was a great solution. Their main point was that they knew where 'home' was (not an option in the current system of foster care. The problem was that gov figured out a cheaper way to store orphans and the abandoned and, now, we are treated regularly with stories of government failure. Same thing with mental health. We used to have Insane Asylums and they worked. Then gov started to chisel on upkeep, staff, wages, etc. Whenever finances are tight the first things gov does is to cut support for social undertakings. This is a simple fact.

Our own problems with government, for the most part, boils down to having an electorate that is flat out lazy. Australia, for instance, solved that one by making voting mandatory and easy. We, on the other hand live with things like; if the vote represents more than 45% of the voting electorate its a landslide and wonderful. I am told that high schools no longer teach kids much about government/civics and their responsibility to that government. There is a school district, in northern Washington state, where the schools are literally falling down. They did a survey and less than 20% of the parents of the school children actually fail even to vote in school district stuff, except to refuse to fund said system. Then they whine about how bad their system is! I am, incidentally, for mandatory voting laws. The argument that everybody has a right not to vote is just wrong. We ALL have a responsibility to vote! If you can't make up your mind, etc. fine, don't choose anything but submit your ballot (that too sends a message to them in charge). If people don't vote then gov gets to do whatever they damn well please - and they do, and we get to pay for it! A voting public that actually votes tend to mitigate government actions and that's a simple fact. So, right now, those groups that vote win the gov. Those that don't vote win nothing but grief. Those that do vote are the elderly, the rich, Trump true believers, and much of the well educated. Those that do not vote are the poor, the young, and the ignorant. there are more groups but that's it in a nutshell.

I am also for government that tells the citizens what the hell its doing. I have posted this before. For instance, if anybody thinks they understand a 70,000 page system of taxes they are deluded, if anybody claims to understand the Agriculture Department, and what it does for who, they are also deluded. This is true of a huge number of government agencies. Its time gov makes a genuine effort to educate its citizens.

I am for socially responsible actions that make sense, on the part of the government, that is in the interest of its citizens. My point (I think) is that the citizens themselves are the ones supposed to be in charge. In the United States that is simply not always true which is, I believe, one of our major problems.

Any, finally, this entire thing is an exercise in wishful thinking.