Oh my! That's a rant with a bourgeois slant.

You've just got it all wrong. Entirely. Everything. And your bougy solutions are as dodgy as feck too. All we need to do is tweak things in favor of the workers just a little.

Re-distribute a bit of hoarded wealth along the way as the workers of the world unite against their oppressors...

Our Corporate Overlords.

JGW, you don't seem to have a clue what socialists are out there doing these days. You and your silly notions.

Every few months you also forget that there are mixed systems. Capitalism and socialism working hand in hand and side by side in perfect harmony. A Socio-capitalist utopia where class warfare has been abolished is the world I envision. It's such an elegant solution I'm surprised Marx didn't choose it over communism. I think he might have overshot what humanity is actually capable of.

Most of Europe is working towards this arrangement.

Even China is making moves towards sustainability and the health and welfare of their population.

Not the USA though. Feck all that, we need a bigger military.
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