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That's why I say it's time to stop kowtowing to them and reclaim our own message.

If we took Loggy's advice and named it Americanism, they would call it the new communism and Americanism would become un-American.

"They" always get to write the definitions.

No I don't think that effort would succeed at all. They would be trolled into oblivion faster than Rick Santorum.
Don't you realize that calling it "Americanism" is playing their game and beating them at it? Do you not recognize the simple elegance of calling it Americanism?

Why do you think words like "patriot" and "freedom" are succeeding?
It's not because Republicans stand for them, it's because they marketed those words, they used them all the time, every chance they got.

And the first thing you do when selling Americanism is tell Americans that it will reduce the Despair Quotient in our great nation.
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