You must long for the days of past neoliberal hegemony in the Democratic party JGW.
The reason your hearing different messages (normal this far out in an election by the way) is there are alternative visions of government emerging. Some from an emergent left that you seem not to be able to discern.
I welcome it. It's looong overdue within the party and forces these republican retreads to deal with true left alternatives.
Fear not though, my politically adolescent online compatriot, the DNC is working overtime to quash any challenges by blacklisting any and all campaign shops that work for a left challenger.
Makes one wonder how long the neoliberal wing of the Democratic party can be a legitimate political party if it has to curtail all debate and primary challenges to maintain power.
Makes the management class with 401's happy but that's not going to be enough in the long run IMO.

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