What I long for is a Democratic Party that actually behaves as if it really wants to win. This is not happening. This is not personal as I have a lot of company on this one. The Republicans define their points and then most jump on the bandwagon. The Democrats have defined very little and nobody has jumped on any band wagon. I watch interview after interview where people say; "what do the Democrats stand for". We are talking about the party as everybody running has some kind of message but nobody seems to believe that they should have some single answers. My suggestion was to deal with the language used in messages. Things like not claiming to be Socialist, referring to the existing healthcare as "For Profit Healthcare", calling tarriffs "Trump Taxes", etc. I know that none can bring themselves to indulge in such behavior but it would help.

Then there is the Democratic congressional dog and pony show which has been, frankly, embarrassing. They are talking everything to death, threatening much, but little real activity even though they have the right to have at it if they chose. I can go on, and on, and on, about this but I think I have already probably over killed that horse.

My hope is that the a majority of Americans will actually get out and vote against the current administration by voting Democratic . Everyday there is a new offense against law and truth and common sense. Hopefully Trump is unpopular enough that the Democrats will win by simply existing as a foil against our dear leader, the Jackass. Some have suggested, incidentally, that Democrats refer to Trump not as 'president' but "UN-Endicted Donald" which seems fair.