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That's all well and good. As long as you don't do anything un-American like raising taxes or helping poor people.

Really. It's not so much lefties calling themselves socialists as the righties calling them socialists.

I think most of us understand that the Right is controlling the public perception of Left messaging but they're doing it well, and doing it with a tightly controlled scheme reminiscent of advertising between competing brands. They have top flight PR people, neuro-linguistics experts and propaganda masters. We have a bunch of people in pink pussy hats running around being offended...BY EVERYTHING.

The point is, they do the Rope-A-Dope very well, and so should we.
We should do it better. And we ain't.

By the way, did you see Jon Stewart's impassioned speech to the House the other day? I almost broke my "no celeb president" pledge.
It was so great to hear integrity that I damn near wanted to yell "Jon Stewart for Prezzy-dint!" at the top of my lungs.
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