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more please....

Excellent speech, very well done.
But notice, he invoked FDR throughout, even calling for New Deal 2.0 to confront what he termed FDR's "unfinished work".
No, he did not use our cute little term "Americanism" but he defined "democratic socialism" as being akin to the New Deal.
Yes it was, but by correctly siding with the FDR historical account of it, he's teaching people that the New Deal was American style socialism.

Guess what? I'm just as okay with that as I am with trying a different brand name for marketing purposes. Just keep punching that one main point:
"Socialism American Style means a return to the values of FDR."

Keep pounding that, over and over again, say it loud, say it proud, make people remember that we're about FDR, not "VENEZUELA".
Say it and repeat it until it drowns out the Republican red baiting and fearmongering.

But it has to be done on a mass scale, it has to be repeated the same way that Republicans repeat their gigantic revisionist lies. Beat their lies with the truth, with the historical account.
Beat the Republicans over the head with it till they turn black and blue.

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