If he was to run, as a Democrat, he would be the first to do that while not being a member of the Democratic Party. When asked about this his replies were a bit sketchy and went something like; "because that is not how I ran", etc. Makes no sense at all. If he doesn't want to run as a Democrat then he should run as something else. Instead he has chosen to be yet another devisive candidate. In 2016 his 'wing' voted for Trump! If Bernie doesn't win the nomination of the party he is not a member of, has not helped, does not like, etc. then I fully expect him to take his true believers and vote for Trump instead. I am basing this on his history. It is, incidentally, easy to be a Democrat - just sign up! (register as a Democrat)

This is, incidentally, just something else I simply do not understand. He doesn't like the Democrats, doesn't like, apparently, the Socialist party (although he claims to be a socialist), doesn't really, as far as I can tell, ANY political party, then .......?

(plus he is simply to damned old!)