In 2016 his 'wing' voted for Trump!

No, they did not. Bernie's 'wing' was the lefties and I assure you none of them voted for Trump. Some abstained or voted third party. Most just bit the bullet and voted for Clinton. She won by 3 Million votes you know...

Due to my generally leftist views I could have joined the Bernie-Bros. But I honestly liked Hillary Clinton. Still do.
She's a leftie at heart with strong ties to internotional power brokers and billionaire purse strings.

She's a woman who can get things done.

I've still got doubts about whether Bernie would really be able to accomplish any of his agenda without a complicit congress. A scenario that somehow seems unlikely.
However, whoever(whomever?)...whatever...The next president's biggest challenge will be re-assembling a US Government shattered into a million pieces.
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