Yeah. The lid. The one that says Bernie's not a democrat or Manchin is one, etc.

The same lid these sad politico's keep trying to find something that makes Trump disqualified to be president.

All that petty bureaucratic insider rational that keep the lid on who gets what. Who gets to run where and how the money gets divided that's kept such a worthless group of old boomers dry humping the last dollar out of their constituents and campaign donors.

The reason we have no socialist progressive agenda's anymore is because there are no socialist progressives in office. Or hardly any. The ones who are are doing tremendous work.

Did I mention there's a black listing of any and all campaign shops of any future democratic party work if they take part in any campaign work that challenges a sitting Democrat?

"The DCCC's new policy applies to both swing districts, which paved the path to the Democrats' current House majority, and deeply Democratic districts, like those Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley represent. Critics argue that the policy is a transparent attempt to squash candidates who threaten the party's status quo."

How to sell out while punching left

The work of any progress gets brought down and gutted by the democratic party leadership. For a fee.

'Gas, ass or grass. No one rides for free'....