Uhhh... China?

There's not been any country that I know of that hasn't been viciously attacked by capitalist ruled states for making the grevious error of deciding to organize their government as they saw fit. Your omitting a little bit (to put it mildly) of context.

I believe the Soviets and Red China have the record on raising living standards the most in the shortest time. A feat unmatched by capitalist societies.

There are also socialists (worker run) corporations that have thrived for decades now but get very little discussion.

Take a look around here in the Untited States of Marketstan.
Wages have stalled out. Public spaces and goods have been shrunk by democrats and republicans alike. Debt levels are way up. Households now require two incomes to survive. Wealth inequality is worse than any time in our nations history. Student debt is at an all time high. I could go on but you get the point.

China got 20k miles of high speed public transport during the 2008-2010 great recession. We got Black Rock Financial Management as our newest landlord.

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