I'm not alone in expressing refusal to vote for that guy.

No, you certainly aren't. Just because I liked Clinton doesn't mean I have to like Joe.

Do I think it's a good idea to replace Trump with a terrible Democrat? Just because he's a Democrat?

Do I think that Joe Biden would be a better president than Trump? Not necessarily. He's a bumbling inept fool.

Likely a one term president because he's older than dirt and because he'd be an utter failure as a president, prompting the election of another Republican in 2024.

I'd rather see Trump go ahead and destroy the economy in his second term and the Republican Party along with it.

Pretty nearly any candidate besides Biden would be okay with me. I'm hoping those sensible folks up in Iowa will see it more or less the way I see it. It's up to the primary voters but the way I see it Biden is as big a fraud as Trump.

I won't vote for him.
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