Our economic, military and political realities today are nothing I wanted to contemplate but here we are.

At a certain point you realize that there is no salvaging of the democratic party. Having become, as one writer put it, 'one of two factions of the corporate wing'.

For every hopeful green shoot that appears the power structures within the party weed it out to maintain their grip.
When the progressive left decided to ask how come there are so many conservative, corporate stooges, like Lipinski or Manchin, in what had been or still is heavily democratic districts and focus their upcoming efforts on those seats instead of trying to flip red to blue districts, club Dem had an answer. No primary challenges will be tolerated!

What I hate about these party hacks is that there records suck! Yet here we are being admonished to vote for the sake of whatever they got.

Already, tarps are being removed from the hectoring horns. The very soul of the nation is at stake and you will be responsible for the end of the great American experiment and all the promise it held if you sit out or vote third party in the coming election.

I can hear the cries of 'IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!' now.

On the flip side the recognition that there is no route to reform within the party may very well lead to alternatives being established. Already, there are alternative funding sources now established to deal with the frat boys hoarding all the campaign money for them and their ilk.

I suspect that blockading progressives from hiring campaign shops will result in alternative campaign shops, outside the influence of the DNC, to be formed.

Ditto with the media's near blackout of left wing commentators or arguments getting aired.

This may be the silver lining and start of something better than what the Democrats represent now.

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