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When the gangs tell you your ten year old son has to join or die, "holing up" is not an option. Especially if you are poor. Then it's a question of where do you run to in order to survive. The US used to spend some money to try to make conditions better in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, but Trump cut that money "to punish them". Of course, like everything Trump does, it just made the situation worse.

Not for the private detention facility owners!
It is impossible to take anyone seriously about their stance on illegal immigration as long as they back a party and a President who is in favor of supporting people and corporations who are making a fortune off every single illegal that crosses over and gets caught.

Of course it will make things worse for those countries, of course it will INCREASE the flow of illegals, that's exactly what GEO, CCA and the other companies want. The moment anyone solves this so that the flow of illegals stops, these companies will be in very dire straits. That's their money you're screwing with!
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