He was erudite and charming. My disillusionment began with the banking program. For years it was to easy to play reactionary politics and defend him from bigots and zealots but there were uneasy signs during his administration.
Time and distance for some perspective about his performance in the kitchen have only turned me off to his presidency more. Some of his cabinet choices proved themselves to be real tools. Geitner comes to mind.

He did bail out Detroit so there is that. No small thing at the time.

Has anyone noticed how much attention NewsCorp is paying to Biden and Harris, not so much to the second place candidate?

I can see Kamala getting the party nod. She's like a Hillary 2.0 for libs.

She's a women! She's tough on poor people! She's a minority! She's fiscally conservative!

She seemed deferential to Sanders during the debates, as most of the candidates now are considering how far the party has had to shift the conversation to his platform.

I think the Frat boys and girls are playing an inside long game on the Sanders threat. I can't see how it won't get decided by super delegates in a second round of voting at the convention with, what is it 72 candidates running? Some on little more than a few billionaires' money.
So if blue dog Joe hangs tough to the convention I could see things getting interesting within the conservative liberal establishment. Do you support the Virtue Signal candidate like Harris or the reflexive instinct of a Blue Dog Democrat with neoliberal street cred like Biden.

I think the media corps. will continue to black out Sanders alternative.

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