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I'm okay with incremental gains and even a gaggle of neo-libs beats the hell outa this clown show..........

Things are bad, worse than bad, but apparently STILL not bad enough for most moderates and independents to finally admit that maybe it is time for a major change.
If Trump wins in 2020 AND we wind up with another Republican trifecta, we will most likely reach the point where things really ARE "THAT BAD".

And we're talking about, "so bad that it really is too late to ever fix it again kind of BAD", so I am sorry to say that human nature is such that a million intellectuals are nothing against 50 million non-intellectuals who just want a moderate in the White House.

Don't you wish that wasn't the case? I sure do, but at age sixty-three all I have to do is think about all the stupid people I've known, and some who I still know, and then I remember that almost 40 percent of the country is even dumber than that, even if they lean a little bit to the Left.

We are so far over to the extreme Right at this point in time that I swear to the whole magnificent bloody lot of you that getting back to slightly left of center is probably going to feel unnervingly like pure socialism to some people, even good people.

It's like being stuck in a darkened room for three weeks and suddenly being pushed outdoors on a sunny day right after you wake up.

By the way, speaking of magnificent bloody lot of you's, I sure do miss Schlack.

But it's sure nice to see JimD the Free Thinker here again.
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