Obama and the Democrats had majorities in the house, senate and the white house. They could have done whatever it was they wanted. For an example on how it gets done, look at the recent rich man tax cut.
What they did instead was please their corporate donor base, (what were the smart kids calling it? the stakeholders?) and reflexively tried to kiss the arse of the republicans. Both of which were the rational given for killing a public option.
I live in Bills country where rooting for a losing team is a local pathology. I think it's the same pathology as 'Blue no matter who'. Sad people who could just as easily have an 'I'm with her!' bumper sticker.
As long as the center right party can scrape enough victories out of congressional races and the occasional white house victory then I see no reason for them to get off the corporate teat and actually help people. At least not in my lifetime of voting.
'We don't suck as much as the Far Right' may get you votes in 2020. Enough to take the white house maybe. But the center right orientation of the party and it's fealty to corporate cash will mean it will be no solution to a rising populist tide.
But the usual scapegoating will go on. Russian hacking, stupid people voting against their interests, racists running out of the woods to vote, etc... It will never dawn on them to look in the mirror and admit how much they suck.

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