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It's just endless chatter as far as I'm concerned. Video is your livelihood so I can't imagine you'd understand my complete disdain for it.

I enjoy the occasional movie in a theatre, or a live concert now and then, or used to. Mobility issues keep me pretty much homestuck these days but I've never once considered television as a form of entertainment.

I watch some Youtube videos sometimes, mostly about machinery or cooking, sometimes some music, sometimes a boxing or MMA match. But I'm likely to lose interest and click away...preferring to read or write, or just sit and think.
In silence.

Townies know nothing of silence.

Au contraire, even Leon Russell once quipped "My hobby is silence."
It's not just video being my career, it's film.
For me at least, film is an art form, and a good film is like observing beauty, humanity, conflict, joy...the entire scale of emotions. Film is communication of ideas. Film is photography.
Film is also sound, it's music, it is the audible magic carpet that propels a person's heart.

And with the advent of high definition digital and the drastic drop in HDTV prices it's now possible to bring that experience right into your home.

Dustin Hoffman was recently quoted as saying,
"I think right now, television is the best it's ever been, and I think it's also the worst that movies have ever been - in the 50 years I've been doing it, it's the worst."

He's not talking about sitcoms.

Anyway, please know that solitude and silence are also valued by us "townies". (LOL)
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