While I don't disagree with working with what you have, coupla things...

You had popular support for a public option. Are you telling me strong public backing has no bearing on our politics? (o.k. , it doesn't but we'll probably disagree over why)

Obviously, there will be districts more far right leaning than center right but how assured are you?
Again, Ojeda might have been hair brained enough to launch an ill conceived presidential run but it's rarely discussed how he had the largest vote point gain of any other democrat in 2018, running on a solid left platform in a state that went heaviest for Trump.
How can you be sure the party isn't selling wolf tickets to their base about the political map?
The DNC scorecard is piss poor for picking winners over losers.

Why are conservative blue dog democrats being protected from more progressive leftists in progressive leftists districts?

The democratic party would have you believe what is possible. I, on the other hand, have stated the Democratic party does little more than manage the lowering of people's expectation with whatever arguments come to hand.

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