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While I don't disagree with working with what you have, coupla things...

You had popular support for a public option. Are you telling me strong public backing has no bearing on our politics? (o.k. , it doesn't but we'll probably disagree over why)

Now I have to wonder if you even understand how Congress works.
No...seriously, I'm not joking, because you seem to have forgotten what happened, or you're outright ignoring it like it didn't happen.

Wendell Potter - former CIGNA VP

While Pelosi was able to get a bill through the House with a public option provision, she couldn’t control what was happening in the Senate. Although a majority of Senate Democrats supported the public option, the industry knew it only needed one senator who caucused with the Dems to change his mind and kill it.

A senator from Connecticut, the insurance capital of the world, became the industry’s go-to guy. Insurers had spent years investing in Sen. Joe Lieberman, a former Democrat-turned-Independent. During the reform debate, the watchdog group Public Campaign Action Fund, (now called EveryVoice), called Lieberman an “insurance puppet,” noting that insurers had contributed nearly half a million dollars to his campaigns over the years.

The Democrats needed Lieberman’s vote to get reform passed, and insurers knew it. Shortly before the Senate was set to vote on the bill, Lieberman said he would vote for the bill only if the public option was stripped out.

You can peddle your outrage and mass torching of the Democrats all you like but in the end it still boils down to the actions of INDIVIDUALS more than the actions of an entire party.
Specifically, with regard to the Public Option, it ALL HINGED ON ONE MAN - Joe Lieberman.

But go ahead and continue to inveigh against the entire party.
In the end it amounts to a case of WHATABOUTISM.
A very sophisticated and carefully planned case of it to be sure, but it is still nevertheless whataboutism when you strip away all the shiny things.
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