Video and films are certainly art forms. Just not ones I'm especially drawn to.
First thing townies always say when they come out here..."Sure is quiet out here..."
No traffic noise, no sirens, no airplanes. Cicadas in the trees, chickens squawking, hawks shrieking, wind soughing through the pines. It seems to make them a little bit nervous. Like they're listening for banjos.

But I have a confession...I liked "Stranger Things". Watched seasons one and two and will eventually watch season 3. I've kinda got a crush on Winona Ryder but the urban fantasy/horror aspect of it really appealed to me too. "Warehouse 13" was another....I'da been seriously into "Game of Thrones" but too much effort to watch it without HBO. I've just got rather odd and peculiar tastes. I thought the ill fated "Lone Ranger" was an awesome flick! And "Kill Bill" loved that you's best that I'm kept isolated out here..."Natural Born Killers"...anything by Tarantino...
"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde