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Jeeze Jeff,

I must have hit a nerve. Yeah I'm sure I was posting right along with you at the time here on the Rant when the ACA was being court challenged etc..

Though it's maybe a first time I've been called 'careful and sophisticated', for some reason I can't help but feel like it's a smear.

I don't know what you're taking about with 'whataboutism'. Maybe you could explain it to me?

The facts about what happened with the ACA, and its DOA public option, are a matter of record. Since you were indeed right here along with me during the ACA sausage making, your wholesale condemnation of the entire Democratic Party and everyone in it can only amount to a form of whataboutism.

What else can it be? Bothsideserism?
I dunno...whaddya get when whataboutism and bothesideserism get jiggy with it and have a baby?
Well, it looks like we know now.
You get four years of this:

Perhaps you need to consider the fact that a large part of what we're up against consists of three armies, the Ayn Rand Army, the "Army of God" and the Army of the Stupid.
Lordy Lordy, chunkstyle, are you really determined to go head to head with the Army of the Stupid with the Don Quixotes of the political world?

Your rhetorical monologues on knighthood and the elegance of your quest to find Lady Dulcinea are inspiring to be sure however it doesn't change the fact that a pair of 265 pound drunken windmills couldn't care less.

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